About Webster

Webster is a leading Australian agribusiness company with a rich, diverse history spanning over 180 years. In that time, Webster has been involved in a diverse range of activities but we have always maintained a strong connection to the land and Australia’s agricultural industry which is now the platform for our company.

Today, Webster is focused on three main businesses:

Walnutswe are the southern hemisphere’s largest producer of premium in-shell and kernel walnuts and account for around 90 per cent of Australia’s annual walnut crop.

Agriculturewe are one of the largest irrigated farming producers in Australia with more than 40,000 irrigable hectares of prime fertile land holdings across  NSW focusing on cotton, corn and other cereals and livestock.

Water – we own a diverse portfolio of over 200,000 megalitres of water entitlement which underpins all of our businesses.  It provides our competitive advantage in providing crop diversity, maximising yield and developing further growth opportunities across our business.

We’re passionate about our business, our products and most importantly, the natural resources which are fundamental to what we do and how we do it, every day.


That passion is reflected in the dedication and expertise of our people at Webster and also our reputation for the quality and integrity of our products.

With our diverse operations, our success is built around our strong and sustainable asset base and our ability to leverage this scale through our technical expertise for the ultimate benefit of our shareholders.