Waygu calves in the yard near Darlington Point, NSW

Webster is one of the largest irrigated farming producers in Australia with more than 40,000 irrigable hectares of prime fertile land holdings across NSW.

Our focus is on long term, sustainable farming, whilst maximising profitability from crop mix and yield to harnessing our water portfolio.

Our agricultural presence was gained through the acquisitions of Bengerang, Tandou and Kooba as part of our focus to build our business in complementary crops supported by strategic, value enhancing water entitlements.

Our primary crop focus is on cotton, using technology and expertise to maximise yield and water efficiency, with capability to produce over 200,000 bales of cotton annually. 

However, we also produce other crops such as corn, cereals and legumes to provide further diversity across our agricultural portfolio.

In addition, we own extensive grazing farmland to produce 4,000 head of cattle and 10,000 lambs annually.

Our agricultural products are exported to a range of countries across Asia where our produce has a strong reputation for quality and consistency.

The expertise of our staff and business partners, together with the significant opportunities afforded by our land holdings across the Murray Darling Basin, provide a significant platform for Webster to grow our agricultural division to a large scale, sustainable commodities business.