As Australia’s largest producer of premium walnuts, Webster produces around 90 per cent of Australia’s annual walnut crop.

Our walnut operation has complete vertical integration beginning with nursery production, developing our own trees for planting, continuing with management of the orchards and growing the nuts with harvesting and drying capabilities.  We continue our ownership through to processing and marketing where quality finished products of in-shell and walnut kernel are exported directly from our farm.

Customers focused on quality produce from Australia and across the globe in Europe, the Middle East and Asia source Webster’s walnuts for their high quality, food safety credentials and reliability of supply. We pride ourselves on being able to supply direct to end users and major retailers to provide the freshness and traceability they demand.

We have a geographically diverse orchard portfolio located in Tasmania and New South Wales.  These productive orchards span over 2,000 hectares and comprise modern cultivars including Chandler, Howard, Tulare and other speciality walnut varieties.

We’re continually adding to our orchard portfolio and are currently planting an additional 900 hectares at Avondale West in NSW with commercial harvest expected to commence in 2018.

All of the walnuts produced from these orchards head straight to our state-of-the-art walnut cracking and processing facility at Leeton.  This facility provides the flexibility to meet our customers’ requirements for both in-shell walnuts and walnut kernel with sizing and various packaging options.

Having a close working relationship with our orchards enables efficient processes and also ensures that our customers and consumers can be absolutely assured of the quality, integrity and traceability of our walnuts.  It’s also why we have an enviable, award-winning reputation for being a safe, consistent and reliable producer and supplier of premium walnuts.

Whether that’s in 500g pre-packs for retail customers or 10kg vacuum sealed cartons for export, our customers can rely on our commitment to deliver best-practice and quality accreditation.

That’s the Webster difference and that’s why our walnuts are recognised as being among the best in the world.

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